Friday, April 30, 2010

Gorillas and Indians

Collin claims that one of the first moments he fell in love with me was actually when we were at K-West setting up for a huge island themed party. The set up was so intense that it took a few days to get everything ready. There was scaffolding, power sprayers, tiki torches, wading pools, and a huge inflatable gorilla. The gorilla was like one that you would see on a car lot. It was big enough that everyone walked underneath its legs to enter the party. Well, minutes before one of the parties started everything was ready, and then our gorilla suddenly sank into the ground in a deflated pile of fabric. The seam had ripped all the way up the back, so it wouldn't hold air. Everyone's spirits deflated also, as it seemed one of the main parts of our party was ruined. Well....I happened to have a needle and thread in my cabin and after a couple of quick stitches the gorilla was back up, and the party saved. Who ever knew that knowing how to sew would be able to save a 30ft gorilla.
I should have known that would be an omen for the rest of my time working at kamp and the nutty things that I would continue to get to do. The other night Collin and I found ourselves sewing indian costumes and loin cloths. I like to sew, but really who knew I would be making indian costumes. This came after I spent the day running around looking for fabric and indian themed trims while the people in fabric stores looked at me like I was crazy. Just another snap shot into the life of a kamp directors. My job allows me to do everything from dressing up like a princess, sewing loin cloths, to leading kids to Christ. Crazy fun!

Everyday Wonderful

I feel like as a mom some of the main things I want to remember are the every day common things that are so precious. It is the sweet little comments, times of laughter, even begging my kids to finish there dinner, that I know someday I will miss. Ok, maybe not spending an hour to try get my kids to just take a couple of more bites. Overall, it is the small things that my kids do that bring me so much joy. As I write this Braden is running laps around the island in the kitchen. When he passes me he comes and gives me a hug, then runs off for another lap. So precious! Here a couple of the things that seem to happen every night in our house that I just love!
Snuggle time with Dad as he watches the news. One of Collin's favorite things is to get to watch the evening news every night. Many times he is gracious to DVR it and watch it late at night once kids are in bed because it can be too crazy at 5:30. But I love when he does watch it early and each of the kids will snuggle with him and watch Diane Sawyer!

After dinner each night somehow both kids end up tackling Dad in what ensues as a long wrestling match. The laughter is incredible and Collin usually ends up out of breath from chasing kids around the room. So fun!

Another fun moment was yesterday at dinner, Ella looked at us and said "Mom I don't like my nose." Confused about where on earth she would ever get the idea that she didn't like her nose, I asked her questions to figure out what she was really talking about. She continued to say she didn't like the way her nose looked on her face and that she wanted to change it. Immediatly I started thinking, Oh no my 3 year old already is facing issues with being self conscience. I start to tell her how she is perfectly made, beautiful in every way.......when she responds, "Mom I think I want an elephant nose instead." She then explains how great it would be to have a long trunk that can squirt water. I just start laughing so thankful for her innocence and creative imagination!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

T-Shirts and Headbands!

One of the main reasons that I started a blog is because I love to craft and I wanted a place I could show some of the things that I have made. I am also in desperate need of a new couch so I thought maybe I could take some of the things that I have made and turn them into a new living room. So below you will find the items that I have available right now. I have so many more fabrics and ideas, so keep checking back for new things. I can also do anything custom, if you would like to make a request for something different than you see. If you would like to order anything please post a comment or let me know at

Reversible Headbands: $10.00
Made with super comfortable headbands that can be worn all day. Easily reversible just by twisting fabric. The pictures show 2 headbands to illustrate both sides of the fabric. The top of the headband measure 2 inches, and then tapers down to 1 inch at the ear.







#7 (not reversible)

Tie Headbands: $10.00
Super comfy and cute to add a pop to any outfit. The widest part of the headband measures about 2 inches, and then tapers down to an inch where it ties.

V-Neck T-Shirts: 12.00
These are available in small, medium, and large right now but I can do any special sizes needed. I have many more designs to come, or feel free to ask for something custom.






Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a Great Day!

Today was my birthday and it was an incredible day! From beginning to end I felt so loved and special. All my life I have been spoiled by my parents who always made birthdays a big deal. Growing up my mom always had the house decorated with signs when we woke up and we got to pick out our 3 favorite meals. She always went out of her way to make the day special, which totally ruined me (in a good way) to want to always feel like my birthday is completely a day all about me.
Well, my sweet husband has done such an incredible job to do just that! My day started with getting to have donuts with some great friends. I loved having the chance to talk with the girls while all the kids ran around. And it is hard to beat 20 mini Krispy Creme donuts for just $6.99!

Then I got to run off to a massage appointment that Collin made for me, while my giving friends watched my kids! I was so pampered, it was incredible! I literally felt like I got to step out of the world for 50 minutes. Although I never realized how fast 50 mins can go by. At the end of my massage I could tell the masseuse was wrapping up, and found myself starting to think of anything I could possibly say to make her keep going.
A massage was more than enough but then, Collin took time out of his crazy day to take me to lunch. So fun, yummy, and always wonderful to complete a sentence with my husband without being interrupted.

Then to top off a great day, Collin invited all of our friends over for burgers. I loved that so many of us were able to get together. We had like 30 adults and 14 kids. It was crazy but so great. Tonight was a great example of perfect chaos and I loved it. The pictures below can illustrate. My house isn't that big, I don't really have seating for over 4, most of the time two or more kids were ringing bells or playing the harmonica. There were spills, tears, laughter, and I really wouldn't of changed a thing. It was so fun to fellowship and be with the people I care so much about. Hence....perfect chaos.

Thank you Collin for going out of your way to make me feel so special, even when I know life is crazy for you. I am so thankful for you and the incredible man you are! Thank you to my great friends that helped watch my kids today, pampered me, and made me feel so loved. Thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday, it means so much to me! I am blessed by each of you!

I always hate when my birthday is over....but it was an incredible day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog World Here I Come!

Well, I couldn't be more excited. After months of speculating and thinking about starting a blog, it has finally happened! All credit goes to my sweet friend Jamie Jo who continually amazes me with how much she can accomplish, all while being an incredible mom, wife, tri-athlete, philanthropist, and so much more. She inspires me greatly, and pushes me to be better in so many areas of life. Thank you Jamie Jo for once again using your incredible abilities to be a self starter to help motivate me to blog! Yeah! I love looking back at our friendship and seeing all of the ways that you have blessed my life and have been a loyal friend! Ella is about to be a flower girl, so it has made me think back to our wedding and Hays as our ring bearer. He was so cute, and it is hard to believe how little he looks! I am so thankful for all of our years as friends!
So now that this is officially my first post, I am filled with excitement to have a tangible place to finally help me to archive and remember the many wonderful moments I have with my family, and all the ways I am so blessed.

At the same time of having great excitement, I also have great trepidation. Now that I am putting myself out there for all to see, (except right now Jamie Jo I am sure you are about the only one who is reading this, Ha!) it makes me question who I am really going to put out there? I am not a great writer, not really that funny, and I am hoping I will quickly become addicted to blogging so I don't have another failure of something in my life I can't keep up with. I really don't need anything else I feel behind in!

So I feel like a journey of some sort is about to begin, or at least a lot of rambling my about my thoughts and life. For my friends and family who will read this, I hope that you will feel a sense of journeying through life together, like I do when I am blessed by your reading your blogs. Here we go!

Yes. . .Rachel Is Blogging

Hi all! This is Jamie Jo. I have been dying for Rachel to start blogging. . .mostly for completely selfish reasons: I live 17 hours away and I want to keep up with her life via stories and pictures. So, I've started a blog for her! No worries, I got her permission. . .she even named the blog! I think the name is a perfect (no pun intended) fit, too. When I think of Rachel, I think of perfectly put together all the time. . .I don't mean fashion and all of that external wordly stuff. . .I just mean perfectly put together. She is the person I wish I could be. She is so loving and so thoughtful and so sweet and such a great mom and supportive wife. She is wonderful. Then there is her view of herself. . .the "chaos" part. And that is fine, too. I believe that we are who we think we are as well as the great things that others see and we can't. So, "Perfect Chaos" is a perfect fit! Rachel and her family. Rachel and her dreams. Rachel and her crafty projects. Rachel and her wonderfulness! I love you, Rach! Welcome to the blogging world!