Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our new playground! (Catch up #3)

Thank you Nonnie and Papa for our wonderful playground! What an incredible present!   It was a labor of love for my dad and mostly for Collin, but we finally got it put together.  

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tatu's Birthday (Catch up #2)

In October we got to headed to the Texas hill country in Austin to celebrate the birthday of Collin's mom.  It was a wonderful weekend to be with family and to celebrate the incredible woman that Marsha is.

Clydesdales and carriage rides

Ella and Aunt Nat (the birthday party planner extraordinaire!)

Our cousin Ellen who is a wonderful photographer (check out her blog here The Lubbock Life) was so incredible to take some family pictures for us.  Thank you Ellen!

My new favorite picture of Braden

My new favorite pic of Beckett

Major Catch Up! #1

Ok, I have been so behind in blogging!   I contemplated just passing over the last two months and just starting from today, but since one of the reasons I am writing this blog is to keep memories, I decided that I have to at least make an attempt to catalog some of the incredible things we have done this fall.   I will keep the words short and let the pictures do all the talking.   So here we go starting back in October.  Bear with me, it might take awhile to catch up to december!

Our sweet friend Nay-Nay joined us for pumpkin carving.  This was the first time we carved pumpkins with the kids.

Halloween - Ella was Ariel again this year.  I fought her on it thinking she couldn't repeat what she was last year and then thought, why am I doing this, if she is the same thing I don't have to get a new costume.  Braden was a pirate and Beckett was a monkey and a bumblebee.