Friday, December 23, 2011

Disney World

We got to go to Disney!  Collin and I took Ella and Braden to Disney World last week for the first time.  We were already in Orlando for a friends wedding, so we just stayed in Orlando for six more days and embraced all things Disney.  The trip was magical for all of us.  So many sweet memories for us as a family.

Here are some highlights...

Riding the Tea Cups with Dad

Maybe the greatest highlight of the whole trip was a special VIP meeting with four of the princesses.  Thanks to a special friend who happens to work at Disney (huge thank you to JW), she was able to sneak us into the castle and let Ella and Braden meet Snow White, Auroa, Belle, and Ariel!  Wow, not many girls get an opportunity like this and we felt so blessed.  The princesses are beautiful and so talented!  I really felt like I was with royalty!  We got to laugh, ask questions about all the princes, snow white whistled, and Ariel did an impression of Sebastian.  It was such a magical moment and a dream come true for Ella (and mom too)!

 Special time with Princess Aurora!

Riding the Astro Orbiter

 Getting ready for Beauty and the Beast musical

Meeting Mickey at Hollywood Studios

Super Moms!

Going on a safari at Animal Kingdom

Meeting Donald Duck

We ate a lot of ice cream.  Thank you Disney Dining Plan! 

Animal Kingdom 

Time with Mater and the guys from Cars

Getting ready for a day at Epcot

Meeting Mary Poppins

Ella loved everything!

The castle lit up at night.  Incredible!

Another highlight for me was watching the light and fireworks show at the Castle during our last night.  I looked down at one point and saw Ella and Braden with their arms around each other.  I teared up knowing this time with them was so special.   They are only 5 and 3 this one time and already getting big so fast!   


It was truly magical...especially to re-live the whole experience through the eyes of a 5 year old and a 3 year old.  We were exhausted after it was all over, but so many sweet memories that will last forever!