Thursday, May 13, 2010

Healing is in Your Hands

If you haven't heard the new passion CD yet, I would highly recommend it.
Passion: Awakening [Audio CD]

I have always been a huge fan of Christy Nockels, and once again her new song has quickly become the song that I play on repeat throughout my day. The song is called "Healing is in Your Hands". Reading the words is nothing like hearing the song, but for the sake of reference here they are.
Verse 1
No mountain
No valley
No gain or loss we know
Could keep us from Your love

Verse 2
No sickness
No secret
No chain is strong enough
To keep us from Your love
To keep us from Your love

How high
How wide
No matter where I am Healing is in Your hands
How deep
How strong
Now by Your grace I stand Healing is in Your hands

Verse 3
Our present
Our future
Our past is in Your hands
We're covered by Your blood
We're covered by Your blood

In all things we know that
We are more than conquerors
You keep us by Your love

I am so struck by this song and the many reminders of the God that we serve. How amazing that we serve a God that loves us so deeply and that we can never be separated from His love. No trajedy, no powers of men, nothing can take us from His love. In all things we are covered by His blood, and by His blood we have life.
My favorite part of the song is at the end when she sings "In all things, we know that we are more than conquerors, you keep us by Your love." Wow! I have so many times in my life that I can see I have been able to be a conqueror because of Christ keeping my by His love. There are also the times like right now that my heart is burdened for dear friends and family that have great prayer requests. Also, camp officially started yesterday, and my heart can easily feel overwhelmed and burden. But how great is it to know, we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS! So I hope wherever your heart is today you can be encouraged, knowing that we serve a great God, we are covered by His blood, and that in Him we can have victory and hope over this life and its trials.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Wedding Pictures

Pre Wedding with Uncle Cam and Kate the other flower girl

The beautiful bride and Ella

She was in the middle of the whole dance floor just doing her thing!

Center of attention and loving it!

The second she stopped dancing she fell asleep

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cameron and Melissa's Wedding

This past weekend we traveled to Chattanooga, TN for Collin's brother's wedding. What an incredible wedding! Everything was beautiful down to the last detail. It was so fun to be together with family and celebrate Cameron and Melissa's love for each other. I didn't get many pictures of the wedding, but their photographer's blog has a small preview.
Thank you to the Sparks for an incredible rehearsal dinner, to the Fain's for a beautiful weekend, and to my parents for making the drive and helping us with the kids!

As much as I loved getting to see them happily enter into wedding bliss, I have to say a highlight for me was getting to see my precious daughter as a flower girl. Ella has been looking forward to getting to do this for weeks. Every night she would ask me if she could put on her dress, and she proudly announced to anyone that would listen that she got be go to a wedding and wear her white dress with a green sash. This is her second time to be a flower girl and I really think she thinks the weddings are more about her than the bride and groom. She feels like a princess, and its the cutest thing ever. With a 3 year old there is always a little bit of an unexpectedness in what they will do, but it seems as if Ella understands the specialness of the event is on her best behavior.

At both weddings I got weepy watching her walk down the aisle in her little white dress, because in my head I flash forward to her wedding someday. Lord, help me soak in these sweet days of her being little because I am sure that day will seem like it will come too fast!

There is also no doubt that Ella is a dancing queen! The moment we walked into the reception, she hit the dance floor and never wanted to leave. She is the girl in the middle of the dance floor with everyone making a circle around her, and she loves it. She would hardly stop dancing even to eat cake! In fact she didn't stop dancing until about 11:00. Then, she sat in my lap for 30 seconds, and was out the moment she sat still.
I was so proud of how great she did and how sweet she was the whole night even when she was tired.

She gets to be a flower girl for two more weddings this summer, and she is already so excited!

Orders Shipped!

This post is a little late, but I am excited to announce that I shipped out my first set of orders last week! I had so much fun working on each of these and appreciate everyone who sent in an order. So to Jamie Jo, Jane, Stevie, Sarah, Carol, Lindsay, Amy, Jenny, Angela, Joey....and many more, THANK YOU! Hope you love them!

Below is a picture of one of my favorite new items I have made. It is a T-Shirt with the shape of Africa for Jamie Jo Braner. Their family has adopted a boy and a girl from Africa and continue to be an example to me and so many others about the power of adoption. I was so excited to make this shirt in honor of Gabby and Tiki who are two incredibly special kids.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crazy but Good

This weekend was for sure crazy, but so fun. This weekend about 12 families from the neighborhood had a garage sale. This spring sale has become some what of a tradition taking place for the last 4 years. This year by far seemed like our largest sale yet. (Ashley thanks for opening your home and garage to us!) I always seem to forget how much work it is to put on a garage sale. After wind, rain, moving tables, folding clothes, early mornings and two long days, I think we all made enough to go out to dinner. Yeah! I for sure would second guess doing all of it again, except I love the fellowship with my friends! So to Bronwyn, Melissa, Ashley, Jennifer, Callie and Lindsay, good job and it was great to be with you all. And Melissa I just want to say you are not a big girl! Ha!

We had so many clothes!

Ella trying on some merchandise

This weekend I also got the honor to help host a baby shower for Lindsay and Baby girl Todd! I am so excited for the Todd's first baby and can't wait to get to meet her! Lindsay and G.T. we are praying for you guys!
Below are some fun things I got to make for the shower. I love making baby gifts!