Friday, April 1, 2011

Lunch Conversation

Braden:  "Ella where is God?"  "Where is Jesus?"
Ella:  "Well God and Jesus are the same thing and they are up in the sky."
Ella: "Mom, did you know that we are on the earth and the earth is spinning but we can't even feel it."
Mom:  "I know Ella isn't that neat."
Ella:  "Mom, stop moving!  See you can't even feel it spinning."
Mom:  "Wow, Ella."
Ella:  "Mom, do you know that pluto isn't a planet, it is not.  Some people say that it is a moon, or a planet, but it is not."

Mom:  "So Braden do you know where God is?
Braden:  "Yeah, he is flying.  He is flying in a bubble."
Mom:  "Ok, Braden."

I love that Braden is the one that asked a question about God, and that he asked Ella and not me.  I also love that Ella knows God and Jesus are the same person.  I don't really know if I have taught her that or if she just picked it up.   I want to remember this fun and crazy moments with kids that can go from teaching them about God to learning about planets!

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  1. I laughed out loud, very loudly, when I read Braden's "he is flying in a bubble" comment.
    I cannot wait to spend another great summer with these little ones!